Conferences & Meetup

En esta sección podrán encontrar enlaces a Conferencias y Meetup (en cada ciudad) sobre temas de interés común.


  • (new) AWS Atlanta Summit 2018: link
  • All ATS2015 Presentations: link
  • Symfony2 PHP Framework The Very Basics: link
  • Composer the right way: link
  • Unit Testing PHP Applications: link
  • Your code are my tests: link
  • Introduction to Continuous Integration with Jenkins: link
  • The Big “Why equal doesn’t equal” Quiz: link
  • The Twelve-Factor App – Best Practices for Modern Web Applications: link
  • TDD – Team-Driven Development: link
  • Secure Form Processing and Protection: link
  • Wrangle Cross-cutting Concerns with Event Driven Development: link
  • Developer Experience in the PHP World: link
  • Herramientas para un buen workflow en PHP: link
  • Agile Tools Summit:


Patricia AyusoConferences & Meetup

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